The Best Online Courses Certificates to Start Providing 3D Modeling Services

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Are you looking for high-quality education in 3d modeling field online? We’ll show you the most interesting courses we’ve found on reliable platforms. Apply for them and become a professional 3d visualization artist!

The Best Online Courses Certificates to Start Providing 3D Modeling Services

If you aren’t sure about your 3d modeling skills or want to start a new and unknown field – you should probably finish some online courses. We’ve created a little list of them, but don’t limit yourself with the represented variants. Don’t stop searching, and your portfolio will be noticeable.

№1 – Udemy

It’s easy to find a suitable course when there are 100 000 of them, right? That’s why we recommend visiting Udemy first. The main advantages of this platform are a large variety of represented languages, teachers who provide high-quality 3d modeling services and sales which allow future artists save money on education.

Here are the courses we’ve found

  • 3ds Max for beginners;
  • Blender for beginners;
  • Vehicle 3d modeling for beginners;
  • Building 3d modeling with the use of low-poly methods;
  • 3d modeling in Photoshop for those who aren’t ready to buy expensive licensed software.

№2 – CG Spectrum

This platform is young but already promises interesting options for those who want providing 3d modeling services. Here one will find 3d modeling courses, lessons on how to program games, if you want to develop in gaming, and animation courses. The main advantage is all courses are devoted to narrow topics, so there’s a high probability to become a real specialist.

Why choosing this very website?

  • There are real reviews and testimonials, so you’re sure the result is promising;
  • All students are divided into small groups which make all lessons personalized;
  • Before giving all money to a person from a well-known 3d artist studio, choose a free trial period.

№3 – Coursera

The most universal and well-known platforms of all. But, if you compare it to the abovementioned websites, it’ll be evident this one isn’t so rich. Yes, there are many languages and types of courses. But if we speak about making your portfolio brighter, you should look only at CAD and BIM courses on Coursera.

Why doing it?

If you’re not a reliable 3d outsourced company providing 3d modeling services, you should think about presenting yourself in the best way. Such 3d art studios have long working experience, hundreds of satisfied clients and bright portfolios, but what can you offer? That’s why getting the necessary knowledge online won’t be odd.