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There are various methods we all appeal to when it comes to having a good memory. Some are easy to memorize with music in the background, others are easier to write on a paper they want to hold, but according to several market studies, the process of improving your memory may be very easy.

These practical tips for better memory will really stimulate your brain to keep it much easier.

Memory games (brain games)

We come to a moment when we already have a routine: we wake up, go to school / college / work, come home, relax. A routine is very hard to break because our brain knows that this is the easiest way to spend the day. With the preferred plumber in singapore the options would be perfect now.

Closure of the routine stimulates the brain to further develop. There are many sites on the market that promote games for mind (simple search on a “brain games” search engine will result in multiple sites), but the classical gaming method that we find in the newspapers is at kind of good: rebus, or sudoku.

Also, another way from work to home or reading a book on the way home can activate parts less used by the brain. Everything that is new, funny or challenging can stimulate your brain and improve your memory.

Eat food for the brain

Food is the fuel of the body, but also of the brain. Eating a well-balanced diet will not only improve your memory but also reduce the risk of mental illness in old age.

  • Eat a lot of omega3, which can be found in most of the fish and seafood. But if you do not like seafood, eat more nuts, spinach, broccoli and beans.
  • They also eat many fruits and vegetables because they contain antioxidants that fight for the health of brain cells.


If you make a move every day you keep your body healthy, but also your brain. If you lose weight, it not only restores your normal physical shape but also improves memory functions. With the preferred electrician in singapore you can set the house in the right way for the proper taking care of your body.

Walking from six to nine kilometers a week, especially as we get older, it helps to keep the memory working properly. It has been demonstrated that after nine years of this type of exercise, you will have a more voluminous brain than someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle.

Sleep enough

It is easy to understand that sleep plays an important role in our everyday condition, but this is also a very important factor when it comes to memory. You probably already know that learning for an exam in the evening before it does not help at all good and efficient memory. Moreover, people who do this do not yield the maximum potential and often face the well-known memory jam.Did you know that our memory improves greatly during sleep? Well, our brain is very busy even during sleep. The brain works on memory, even on reorganization.