Perfection Essential for Your Deals in Sales Management Now

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Even if new technologies multiply the communication channels – and therefore the frequency of contact with its sales teams – remote management is a delicate exercise. Better to follow certain rules. Five tips to follow for effective management of your sales force.

Set clear goals

To be motivated and effective in the field, salespeople – especially when managed remotely – need first and foremost that their objectives are clearly defined. They will have to have a complete roadmap indicating the number of visits to be made per week, the number of contacts to be established during each tour, the prospects or customers to see first and the commercial results to achieve . Also define precise “deadlines” for each mission entrusted. Remoteness must not be synonymous with lack of rigor or fuzzy organization.

Build trust

Once reassured, you will need to build trust between you and your salespeople, for example by giving them the freedom to organize their schedule and how they work. At a distance, relatively free but empowered, salespeople will develop qualities of autonomy, reflection and initiative that will inevitably have a beneficial influence on their results.

Institute a regular reporting

Set up a regular reporting system to get a clear view of each one’s progress. Sales people will need to update their calendars, email you their visit reports and enrich the company’s customer and prospect database. Ideally, a collaborative platform will promote the exchange of information, advice, advice, and best practices within the sales team. Videoconferences will make exchanges more user-friendly. In case of a thorny question, be present. Invite your sales representatives to contact you quickly to discuss a particular difficulty and advise them on the attitude to adopt. Make a visit to for the best results now.

Maintain contact

Beyond scheduled appointments, maintain a more personal connection to informal exchanges with each of your sales representatives. Show interest in “off-business” and contact them to discuss more personal issues that you would discuss in the morning in the cafeteria. Does he have time to practice his favorite sport? Is he satisfied with his company car? What has he planned to do this weekend on the move?

Meet them

Remote management has its limits. At regular intervals – every month or at worst every quarter – meet your sales representatives. Accompany them on the field. Take stock with everyone on their skills, their results, their aspirations. A trade that cannot be “deliver” the phone will feel more comfortable to entrust its potential difficulties in face-to-face. In any case, regular physical contact is irreplaceable to maintain the link. Finally, in the same spirit, reinforce the cohesion of the team by bringing together all your sales staff during more festive days.