Essential Facts about SEO Techniques and Activities

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Search engine optimization (SEO) or SEO plays a crucial role in deciding the ranking of your website in the search engine results page (SERP). However, this is not something that everybody would know of as an important criterion to get searched. In order to excel in developing an SEO optimized website, you need some patience, time and experience to realize those important factors which every search engine considers in order to give preference in ranking your site. Check out the LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale for more info.

You might have heard of web crawlers, right? Well, these are spider bots that work on the World Wide Web in accordance to search engine optimization and they are responsible for your website results to be prominently visible on the first pages of the search results performed on varied search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, MSN or Google to name a few.

Here are some SEO facts or great information about SEO, which are responsible to make your place in search engine list and thus are important to know about:

Page Link

Link of your page can make a lot of difference to your website.

  • What is the link of your page
  • Decide the frequency and
  • Set the preference of your search in those search engines.

So, carefully deciding the link is also very much important in order to ensure your search and the public traffic to your site. There is much debate to say what must be the criteria to choose a link that works the best for your website.


What is the ranking of your page?

This aspect is also very important for the website prominence as it could decide the traffic getting attracted towards your site. The ranking of your website and web pages is solely based on the content and uniqueness of your site.

But if you are having a good rank, it might be that another site attracts a much better traffic to your site. This in turn helps your site to grab attention. However, it is again a matter of debate as to why ranking is really helpful.


What Keyword or keyword phrase should your target audience in order to find your website on the World Wide Web? This is a very important factor again and for this it is must to have some good analysis for the content. Choosing the right keywords for your website optimization is half battle won.